New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts
New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts

Hundreds of Honda 4-stroke mopeds & light motorcycles for sale

In the heart of the Netherlands you will find the largest and most diverse range of classic and newer Honda four-stroke mopeds. Fair mopeds for the lowest price. In our showroom you will find a seriously wide variety of well-known and less well-known Honda four-stroke mopeds and light motorcycles: From refurbishers with a solid bucket of work – for the hobbyist with a lot of knowledge – to shiny ones, new or in top condition, for the enthusiast with hobbies other than tinkering; And everything in between, of course.

Dozens of Honda Cubs in stock for the lowest price

Super Cubs, Press Cubs, Little Cubs, Cubra Cubs, C50, C70, C90, C110, old type, new type…

We have them all in stock. From project condition to brand new, in all colors of the rainbow. Looking for a Honda Cub and do you really want to have something to choose from? Pop by on Saturday; there are usually about 30 in the showroom and we regularly receive new cargo.

Buy Honda 4-stroke moped parts or a moped

Not only in the field of complete mopeds you have the greatest chance of success at Fourstrokebarn, you also have the greatest chance of finding a part with us:
We not only supply the full range of newly available Honda parts, like every dealer, but are unique in our colossal collection of used Honda 4-stroke parts. Cheaper alternatives that still serve well and scarce parts that are no longer available from Honda.

Honda minibikes for sale

Famous models, rarities, exotics, special editions, limited editions: you name it, we’ve got it. Dozens of Honda Monkey’s, Dax ST50, Motocompo, Honda mini NSR, Suzuki Gag, Yamaha MR50 and many other minibikes are waiting in our showroom for a new owner.

Custom import

Have a moped imported from Japan?

We will arrange that for you. Flexible, transparent and at the best price!

Used Honda 4-stroke parts

Thousands in stock

New Honda 4-stroke parts

Thousands in stock

Oldtimer Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, racers, crossers, scooters for sale

Other brands, types, CCs and strange ducks..

In the countries where we get our mopeds from, we do not only come across Honda 4-stroke models. We also trade in practically everything. So you will always find mopeds or light motorcycles from other brands or with 2-stroke engines.

When we encounter rarities, we always like to have them come to the Netherlands in our sea containers.

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