Honda Ape

Are you looking for a medium-sized moped with a four-stroke standing cylinder and five gears? Then you have come to the right place (or page). At Fourstrokebarn we sell the finest Honda Ape mopeds. Do you want to know more about this model? Read on, we’ll tell you all about it.

No-nonsense moped: the Honda Ape

A real no-nonsense moped that rides as well as it looks. That’s what you can expect from a Honda Ape.

It’s actually a mini bike, because of the small frame and 50cc or 100cc engines. But don’t worry: the height of this moped makes it perfectly rideable for adults. The Honda Ape is mainly sold on the Japanese market and now also here, at Fourstrokebarn.

We can provide your newest Honda Ape with a license plate and deliver it with its export documents. If you want to discover all the possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Honda Ape specs

  • Medium-sized moped
  • Standing cylinder four-stroke engine
  • Five gears
  • Available as 50cc moped
  • Available as 100cc motorbike

Honda Ape 50 or 100cc?

So, the Ape is available as a 50cc moped and as a 100cc motorbike. Initially, the 12-inch wheels had drum brakes, but later also the 6-spoke wheels with disc brakes from the NSF100 found their way to the Ape.

Old or young: your choice

Our beautiful Honda Apes are totally retro and give an almost nostalgic feeling to the rider. The Honda Ape is still in production and now has Honda’s PGM-FI injection system to meet the strictest emission standards.

The choice is yours. Although our passion goes out to old four-stroke Honda’s, of course.

From the Four-Stroke Barn to Fourstrokebarn

Turning your passion and hobby into your business, it is a boyhood dream that has really come true. Even though it is still a hobby – that has secretly gotten a bit out of hand.

The best thing about this dream is that we can share it with other Honda lovers. We like to do this over a cup of coffee or a delicious sandwich at lunchtime.

So please do drop by to show off your new moped, enjoy all our goodies or to share your latest moped story. We look forward to seeing you in our (now no longer) barn.

Admire all our mopeds?

You can! Our doors are open for you and all your passionate stories on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 o’clock in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The rest of the week you are more than welcome by appointment.

Are you looking for more in-depth information about your favorite model or do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or call/ WhatsApp to +31 6 43 09 79 45.


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