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Honda C50, C70 and C90

‘The best motorcycle ever’, is a title that is not easily earned. The Honda Super Cub has more than earned this title. With over 87 million units, it is the most produced motorbike ever. Are your Honda hands starting to itch? Then read on or take a look at our examples above.

The Honda Super Cub

So, the best motorcycle ever. You (and we) would love to know more about it. Fortunately, we’re not afraid to share our knowledge with you.

The Honda Super Cub’s automatic clutch and almost indestructible 3-speed gearbox make motorcycling accessible to everyone. After the success of the C100, a completely new engine was presented at the end of 1964 with an overhead camshaft.

In 1965 it was only available as the C65 with the appearance of the C100. In 1966, the all-new C50 followed and in 1968 the C70 and C90 were added. And we sell these last three gems here on our website and in our showroom.

The Honda Super Cub C50

In 1966, the Super Cub C50 appeared. It remained in production until the mid-1980s and became one of the best-selling versions of the Super Cub. The difference with the C100 is that the power is increased slightly.

Generally speaking, this is the version of the Super Cub that we sell the most. That is hardly surprising, as the many colors, states and specifications mean that there is a Honda Super Cub for everyone.

The Honda Super Cub C70 and C90

These models, which appeared in 1968, are less common in our range. They can therefore almost be called ‘limited edition Honda Super Cubs’. The Honda Super Cub C70 was renamed Honda 70 in the United States and later became the Honda C70 Passport.

From 1984 onwards all models became available with square headlights and a plastic rear mudguard and cover over the handlebars. In most countries these became available as an option and the existing versions remained. What do you prefer? Tell us on Saturdays in Utrecht. Our doors are always open between 10:00 and 16:00 o’clock.

We are happy to take over old parts!

Are you, like us, a real Honda four-stroke fan and do you have boxes filled with old parts? Don’t throw them away! Take them with you. We like to see if we can buy something from you. Of course, this also applies to handing in your second handed moped.

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