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Honda CB50

The Honda CB50 is the littlest tyke in the Honda CB series and still steals the heart of many because of its reliable engineering and excellent balance. Its braking disk and vertical cylinder make it look like a miniature motorbike. In the past the CB50 was even classified as a motorbike, except in Germany where it was sold as a moped.


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Our store is home to thousands of Honda 4-stroke parts, mopeds and much more spread across its massive floorplan. So, you’re guaranteed to find the Honda CB50 that meets your needs. Our passion for Honda mopeds shows in the way we treat our products and fellow 4stroke lovers.


A real Japanese Honda CB50? Of course!

Are you interested in buying a Honda CB50 from Japan? We can help. Take a look at our Honda mopeds imported from Japan. We can even take care of registration, get your Honda CB50 hooked up with a license plate, and provide you with the necessary export documents. Contact us and we’ll walk you through the various options.


Honda CB50 specs

  • Littlest tyke in the Honda CB series.
  • Reliable engineering and excellent balance.
  • A miniature version of a motorbike.
  • Never been imported officially but can be registered and granted a license plate.
  • 50CC-fourstrokeengine that must be limited in accordance with EU guidelines.


Honda CB50 exhaust

You won’t just find complete Honda CB50’s at our store, we also have all the required parts to fix up your old Honda moped. This includes Honda CB50 exhausts and exhaust gaskets. Do you have parts that need to be replaced? You can find them on our website.


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Looking to purchase a Honda CB50? At Fourstrokebarn we have 4stroke mopeds from Honda in all shapes and sizes, including the Honda CB50. We’d love to tell your more about this exquisite bike.


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