About the Honda CD50

In 1968, Honda introduced the CD50 in Japan as an alternative to the fast Honda SS50. The CD50 had a somewhat milder engine with four gears and a cast-iron cylinder. In Asia, the CD got a solo seat (because of the Japanese law – it is not allowed there to ride a 50cc moped with two people) and a large rear rack, so it could be used as a delivery moped.

The Dutch CD50 had a buddy seat and came in the colors Candy Ruby Red and Candy Sapphire Blue. The CD50 was sold in modernized form as a Benly in Japan until 2007.

A true classic with a young year of manufacture

The Japanese Honda CD50 is a true classic with a fairly young year of manufacture and thus also features contemporary technology. They were delivered from late 1980 to early 2000 and have a 12 v CDI ignition as standard.

First introduces to the Japanese market in 1968, the CD50 was soon popular all over the world. The earlier models had chrome side panels on the fuel tanks. The engine with overhead camshaft and 5.2 hp provided good speed, which was important for urban commuting.

Honda CD50 & Benly 50

The ‘CD’ part of the name was given to all Honda’s designed for commuting or touring in the 1960s and 1970s. The CD50, also known as the Benly in Japan, was produced almost unchanged apart from a few styling tweaks well into the 21st century.

Some limited-edition models sold out very quickly to collectors and investors in Japan. Fortunately, we at Fourstrokebarn have a well-stocked range of these classics.

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