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Introduced in the early 1970s in the 6-volt version, the Honda Chaly is the little sister of the Honda Dax. In the early 1980s, the Chaly was restyled to a new look with typical eighties square elements, like the exhaust and headlight. Also, the Honda Chaly is perfect for women. Why? We’ll tell you in a minute.

The makeover of the Honda Chaly

First, more about the makeover this beautiful model has undergone. Because with this makeover, the Chaly also got a modern 12-volt CDI ignition. The Chaly is designed to be easily ridden by the whole family.

It is in line with a range of small motorbikes that the Japanese manufacturer has produced since the famous Honda Z100, which was produced in series from 1963. The Honda Chaly, like the Dax, is distinguished from this series of mini motorbikes by its one-piece enveloping frame, both the bodywork and the support of various mechanism parts.

Perfectly suited for women

Believe it or not, but besides the makeover the Chaly has undergone, it has always been perfect for women. Indeed, the low frame makes it easy to scoot on with a skirt. And in addition, the gaiters protect the rider from splashing water. How convenient!

The V-shape of the Chaly also improves comfort for women and guarantees more user-friendliness. On the Asian market in particular, it can therefore be equipped with a fixed basket.

The Honda Chaly, nickname: Chally

The Chaly, also sometimes called Chally, is much loved by tuners and lowriders and came as CF50 and CF70. The Honda Chaly and the Honda Dax have a few things in common:

  • Horizontal single-cylinder four-stroke engine with two valves and an overhead camshaft
  • Ten-inch (25.4 cm) small wheels
  • Two drum brakes
  • A compact and robust architecture
  • Semi-automatic three-speed gearbox

The Chaly is no heavier than 75 kilograms, making it perfect for driving in an urban environment. It is therefore highly sought after for its compactness, making it easy to fit into a car, campervan of boat.

Fourstrokebarn: from passion to business

Turning your passion and hobby into a business, it is a boyhood dream that has truly come true. Although it is still our biggest hobby.

And the best part of that hobby is that we can share it with other Honda four-stroke enthusiasts, including you! We do this in our (somewhat) large ‘shed’ in Utrecht. Our doors will be open for you and all your passionate stories on Saturday from 10:00 o’clock until 16:00 o’clock.

Rather not wait until Saturday?

Want to admire that beautiful Honda Chaly in real life once? And can you not wait until it is Saturday? Then you are more than welcome on weekdays by appointment.

Contact us via or call/WhatsApp to +31 6 43 09 79 45, also for all your questions about the Honda Chaly.