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The Honda CL50 is the CD50’s little brother, but in scrambler style. Read: different wings, a high exhaust, tank, handlebars, and tyres complete this moped. It comes roughly in two versions: the 1970s edition and again in 1990.

The Honda CL50, nickname: Scrambler

The Honda CL50 was introduced in 1967 and was based on belly shifters like the CD50 and SS50, but modified for light off-road use and thus the Scrambler was born. These models were built until 1971 and were followed up by the CL70.

They were mainly delivered in Japan and the US. In 1997, Honda pulled the same trick but with the more modern CD50 Benly / Benly 50S and thus the CL50 was born. It was sold in several countries in Southeast Asia and is a perfect balance between more modern technology, retro looks and practicality.

CL50 Benly / the original model

At Fourstrokebarn, we sell a thousand-and-one different Honda four-stroke mopeds. Not only do they differ in appearance, colour and power, you can also come to us for the most diverse models. This includes the CL50 Benly and even the original, old 6V model.

Especially the old 6V models are very rare. If they do not yet have a license plate, we can provide you and your brand-new (second-hand) Honda CL50 with one. We will also provide you with the export documents, if required. Most mopeds are imported directly from Japan.

The Honda CL50 at Fourstrokebarn

For a beautiful Honda CL50, you have come to the right place at Fourstrokebarn. The Fourstrokebarn (formerly The Viertaktschuur) has grown from a hobby into a real business – though it is still our biggest hobby, of course. One that has got a bit out of hand, maybe…

We haven’t been in a real barn for a while, but we are still attached to the name. That’s why you can still visit our ‘shed’ to admire all our Honda four-stroke mopeds, including the Honda CL50.

Will you drop by sometime?

On Saturdays, when the Fourstrokebarn is open, you are always welcome. To do your shopping, enjoy a cup of coffee over your latest strong moped story or to show off your latest acquisition. And do you come around lunch time? Then there will be a sandwich ready for you too. Eating together is part of it.

We will also be very happy with your barn remnants. So do you still have crates with old parts? Then be sure to bring them along! We can always see if we can take it over from you. The same goes for your moped itself!

Looking, watching, not buying?

That will be tricky… Because after a tour of our ‘barn’ filled with the most beautiful mopeds, it’s almost impossible not to have fallen for one of the mopeds (a Honda CL50, for example).

Will we see you on Saturday somewhere between 10:00 and 16:00 o’clock? By the way, visits on weekdays are also possible, by appointment only. You can reach us at of call/WhatsApp to +31 6 43 09 79 45.