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Honda CY50/Naughty Dax

The Honda CY50 is a motorbike produced by the Japanese manufacturer and was sold in Germany from 1977 to 1983 as the successor to the Honda Dax. This beautiful model is much loved by many. And not without a reason!

The engine of the Honda Cy50/Naughty Dax

The unclad two-wheeler has an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with 50cc displacement, the four-stroke engine has an output of 1.5kW (2.1hp). Unlike the Dax with a horizontally mounted engine, the Honda CY50’s engine is upright.

As a larger, but much rarer model, the Honda CY80 was imported. Using similar engine technology, the road version Honda CB50 and the enduro version XL50 were built.

A special feature…

As a special feature, it was advertised that: ‘’… it does not require a fuel-oil mixture, but regular petrol. This keeps the engines clean down to the exhaust. Typical of 4-stroke technology are its rich, round running and low petrol consumption.’’.

In addition, the Honda CY50 naturally features Honda’s great technology.

The Honda Naughty Dax

Especially for the German market, the Honda CY50 was fitted with a speed limiter, which, together with the spark plug’s preset ignition timing, carburetor and everything else that came with the standard model, allow only a maximum speed of 40 km/h. This was because of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) in Germany at the time.

On the front of the motorbike, detailed solutions such as tubular frames, tanks, side valves and ‘’Helmbefestigungsmöglichkeit’’ were also adopted. The four-stroke engine with cylinder, overhead camshaft and manual gearbox with wet clutch made the Honda CY50 the ‘’Naughty Dax’’.

Ahead of its competition

So that is exactly what it was called in its advertisements: the Honda Naughty Dax. For the Naughty Dax, several, production-integrated improvements were developed that were lacking in competitors’ products at the time.

For example, five-way adjustable rear struts to adjust spring preload according to payload, a trip meter in the speedometer and a six-liter tank that allowed a range of as much as 200 kilometers.

Front and rear luggage racks made the Honda CY50 widely usable. For example, for carrying large shopping bags or other items. The bolt-off rims made it easy to clean and brought the option of mounting them yourself. Handy!

The Honda CY50/Honda Naughty Dax at Fourstrokebarn

Fourstrokebarn is a hobby that got a bit out of hand (cliché, but true). What started as a passion in a barn is now a serious business in Honda four-stroke mopeds.

Fortunately, you can still visit our ‘barn’. Every Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 o’clock, you, the true four-stroke enthusiast, are more than welcome to check out all the beauty we have on display, share your moped stories or show off your brand new gem – that Honda CY50, for instance.

Will we see you in Utrecht for a cup of coffee or a nice lunch? Beceause if you come around lunchtime, you can join us for lunch and chat about our (and your) greatest hobby.

Rather not wait until Saturday for a Honda CY50?

Want to admire that beautiful Honda CY50/Honda Naughty Dax in real life? And would you prefer it yesterday rather than today? You can! On weekdays, you are welcome by appointment.

Contact us via or call/WhatsApp to +31 6 43 09 79 45, of course also for all your questions about the Honda CY50.