Honda Gorilla

It’s love at first sight when you lay your eyes on this classic 4 stroke moped. The Honda Gorilla features that much desired retro look and is sure to take you for the spin of a lifetime. Just like the other bikes in our collection the Honda Gorilla is available in different colors and stages of disrepair (don’t worry we also have them available as new). So, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.


Honda Monkey’s big brother

As you might have deduced from its name, the Honda Gorilla is based off of the Honda Monkey. The Z-series of this model has seen several different variations, Honda Gorilla being one of them. Other versions include the Z50A Minitrail in the US, the Z50M featuring 5-inch-thick tires, Z50J, and the Z50R offroad.


Honda Gorilla vs. Honda Monkey

The differences between the Honda Gorilla and the Honda Monkey are few but have significant impact on the use and purpose of the moped. The Honda Gorilla has a tank capacity which is more than double that of the Honda Monkey. The steering wheel cannot be folded, and the seat is thicker. This means the Honda Gorilla cannot be easily transported in the back of the car. The Honda Gorilla’s intend of use is to drive to your destination by yourself.


Heavy-duty design

Are you looking for a 4-stroke moped with a heavy-duty design? Then a Honda Gorilla is the one for you. Unfortunately, production of this beast was halted in 2007. But that hasn’t deterred us to go out and find used Honda Gorilla’s for you to take home. Are you silently hoping Honda decides to restart production of the Gorilla? Let us know by phone are come by the barn.


Purchase a Honda Gorilla

Are you looking to purchase a Honda Gorilla? Then is the place to be. We invite you to revel at all the different colors and states of repair in our collection above. We do too!


Not only will we make sure your Honda Gorilla of choice will get delivered to you without a hitch, but we can also take care of the registration and get you hooked up with a license plate. Contact us and we’ll talk you through the different options.


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