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The Honda SS50 might be one of the most popular mopeds of all time. Alongside the Honda C50 and the Honda CD50.

Fourstrokebarn prides itself of their expertise and love for four stroke mopeds. This is why, at Fourstrokebarn, you will find a large collection of Honda SS50’s in excellent condition. For our full moped collection click here.

Buying a Honda SS50

When you’re looking to purchase a Honda SS50 you’ve come to the right place. The Honda SS50 made its initial debut in Vietnam of 1967. This is where it got its nickname ‘Honda 67’. A true classic which to this day remains a favorite among four stroke lovers.

It’s considered to be a gentleman’s moped with kick-controlled gear switch and duck clutch. Which makes this four-stroke unique among mopeds. Our Honda SS50’s can be recognized by that low humming sounds. At least, if you’re thinking of keeping the original exhaust…

Spare Honda SS50 parts

The only con to owning a Honda SS50 is that it is build up out of a large number of Honda parts. Which also mean there is a higher-than-average chance of a part breaking. Thankfully, when you purchase your new SS50 at Fourstrokebarn, you are assured of the highest quality, and you won’t encounter any issues for a while. We can make sure your moped is ready for the road at time of purchase.

Honda SS50 specs

  • Available with a high exhaust, semi high exhaust, low exhaust, and several different types of fuel tanks.
  • In the Netherlands we stock the SS50Z-K1 and SS50Z-K3 with four gears. These models were introduced between 1973 and 1978.
  • Outside of the Netherlands, the SS is usually equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, aluminum cylinder, flywheel, and camshaft.
  • The fastest SS50’s can reach a top speed of 59 mph.
  • The four-stroke engine uses very little fuel, so is cost effective.
  • The Honda SS50 is much quieter compared to its two-stroke counterparts.
  • In 1979 the SS50 was retired and the Honda MB50 made its grand entrance.

About Fourstrokebarn

A hobby turned enterprise, what started as a barn project quickly escalated into a full-fledged reselling business of Honda mopeds and parts. It started as a passion for four stroke mopeds in the barn – hence the name – but has since grown way out of proportion. Come join us for coffee and conversation every Saturday.  You’re more than welcome to come in and show off your latest acquisition or join us for great moped convo.

We’d love to hear your stories and those of your fellow Honda lovers, hopefully you’ll be coming down for a visit soon. We’d love to tell you more about our collection of Honda Monkey’s and other Honda Mopeds.

Get in touch

We understand you want to get on your new Honda SS50 asap, and we’d like to make that happen for you. You can order online, or you can schedule a visit in person. Our barn doors are opened every Saturday from 10AM – 4PM, but if you’d prefer a private tour we completely understand. You can reach us or you can call or WhatsApp +31 6 43 09 79 45.