New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts
New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts

Shipping & Returns


Free Shipping!

There is a possibility to have the goods you have purchased shipped for free to any country. Since the shipping costs for every country are different, we have linked this to the purchase amount. If the purchase amount comes to more than the fixed amount for the country that we will be shipping to (cut-off amount), then we will handle the shipping and packaging costs ourselves. The cut-off amount is different for every country. If the items are in your shopping cart, one of the things you will have to do is input the country that an item must be shipped to. Once you have done that, you will see the cut-off amount for free shipping. We nearly always ship via GLS.

Shipping costs

Netherlands: free shipping on orders over €75, otherwise €7 per order.

We’re updating the table for international shipping costs at the moment to place it right here. However, the table already works in the shopping system of this site.  So if you want to know shipping costs for your order, just add products to your shopping cart, and see shipping costs at te checkout screen.

We also the handle the costs for back-order delivery.

Sometimes, it cannot be helped that an item from your order is no longer in stock, but we definitely understand that you are eager to get to work on your restoration. We will send you the item that is not in stock afterwards and then, of course, we will pay for the shipping costs ourselves. If you realise later on that you have forgotten to order something, then please feel free to call. If the package has not been shipped yet, then we can hold it for you.

Dimension and weight

A package is never heavier than 30 kg. If the parts you have ordered are heavier than 30 kg in total, then we will distribute them across multiple packages. Also, if a package (in terms of size) is not accepted by the shipping company, then we may have to ship the parts in 2 packages. The maximum dimensions are a length of 175 cm and a perimeter (2x width + 2x height + length) of 300 cm.

Sometimes it feels like you paid too much!

Sometimes, you pay more than the actual shipping costs because, for instance, you ordered an item that fits in an envelope. Packaging and shipping does take time, so we calculate a minimum amount of 5 euros for all packages.

Your package will be insured by us, too.

All packages are insured for up to €520.– (per package). We do not charge any additional fees for this.

Shipping and payment.

We ship the goods you have ordered at the time when the amount owed has been transferred to our account.

Finally, shipping costs are calculated automatically when placing an order. Once you have exceeded the cut-off amounts indicated, the packaging and shipping costs will automatically be removed.

Mopeds can sometimes be delivered to your home as well.

If you live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or Luxembourg, we can deliver the moped to your door if you like. Since we combine these with other trips, we are often able to offer the service for a very competitive price. Not only the distance, but also the time frame you want the moped delivered in will determine the amount you will pay. We are happy to make arrangements about the costs for delivering a moped by telephone or in person , so that all your wishes can be properly taken into account.

 If you would like to have the moped delivered to a different country, than the prices for this depend on a wide variety of circumstances. In general, a cargo shipping company has to be hired to do this, so we recommend that you handle this entirely on your own, so it can be done it the safe and affordable way.

All arrangements made regarding the delivery of the moped will be confirmed in writing.


Given our return policy, we have not created a complaint policy with regard to your purchase.

“You are buying what you see for the price indicated.” Remote shopping means that you should expect that the information we have provided is fully applicable to the item shown. However, we also understand that item you have purchased
may be different than you had thought or hoped it would be.

Complaints cost a lot of time and energy and rarely result in a solution that everyone is satisfied with. In order to prevent this, we have created a return policy in which issues are avoided as much as possible. If you find this to be insufficient, then please call us and we are sure to find a mutual resolution.

You may return the item that you have purchased at for up to 14 days after you have received it. You do not have to provide a reason or any further explanation and we will not ask any probing questions. You will receive your refund directly to your account.

There are some conditions associated with this process.

  • The item you are returning must be in the same condition in which it was delivered to you.
  • The products delivered to you must be delivered in their entirety. If parts have been removed or replaced from the products delivered, then the money-back guarantee is rendered invalid.
  • All packages we send are insured. Therefore, it is important that you let us know immediately if a package that has been delivered to you is damaged. This damaged must be reported immediately. If this is not done, then your right to a refund may be rendered invalid. (This depends on whether the claim can be submitted to the insurer.)
  • If a discount has been provided to you based on the purchase of a larger quantity of parts, then this discount expires if a part of this order is returned.
  • Shipping and return costs are always at the expense of the buyer. If the purchase amount is above the cut-off amount , the buyer will not be charged for packaging and shipping costs.
    This is the free shipping cost cut-off. If the purchase amount, due to the return shipment, falls under the free shipping cost cut-off, then the shipping costs will be deducted from the amount that is refunded based on the return shipment.

(If goods have been purchased with a gift voucher, then the refund amount will be provided as a gift voucher.) 

The right to return does not apply

for purchases that are specially delivered, delivered according to specifications provided by the client at the time of ordering, or for products that have been adjusted or modified according to the wishes of the client.

Please note: In order to avoid problems such as the confirmed receipt of return shipments, we recommend sending your return shipment with Track and Trace as well as with sufficient insurance. (We send all packages with Track and Trace as well as insurance.)

Complaints, large or small frustrations

Of course, we want to prevent these issues as often as possible, but they can never be fully excluded. Mistakes can happen to anyone, especially when you work as hard as we do. If you have something that you are not (entirely) satisfied with, please let us know so that we can take a look at the problem together and find a suitable resolution for all parties. We would also really love it if you would let us and others know when you are completely satisfied. After all, that is one of our most important goals.

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