New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts
New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts

Shipping & Returns


FREE shipping! For each country there is the possibility to have the purchased goods sent free of charge. Because the shipping costs to each country are different, we have made the connection with the purchase amount. If the purchase amount exceeds the amount set for the country to which we have to ship (limits), we will bear the shipping and packaging costs. A a differente border has been set for each country. If the items are in the shopping cart, you must enter, among other things, the country to which the item must be sent. If you have done so, you will see from what amount we do not charge shipping costs. In principle, we ship via GLS.

Sizes and weights. A package is never heavier than 30 kg. If the parts you have purchased together are heavier than 30 kg, we will divide the parts over several packages. Even if a package (in terms of size) will not be accepted by the carrier, it may result in us sending the parts in 2 packages. The sizes are a maximum length of 175 cm and a maximum circumference (double width plus double height plus length) of 300 cm.

We also bear the costs for subsequent delivery. Of course it can also happen with us that one item of your order is no longer in stock and we understand very well that you would like to continue with the restoration. We will then send the item that is not in stock and then of course take care of the shipping costs. If you realize afterwards that you forgot to order something, please call because, if the package has not yet been sent, we will still stop it.

The insurance of your package is of course arranged. All packages are insured up to € 520,- (per package). We do not charge any extra costs for this.

Sometimes you feel like you’re paying too much! Sometimes you pay more than the actual shipping costs because, for example, you have a part that fits in an envelope. Packing and shipping of course takes time so for all packages we charge the minimum amount of 5 euros.

Shipping and payment. We will ship the goods ordered by you at the time that the amount due has been credited to our account.
Finally, when placing an order, shipping costs are calculated automatically. The moment you go over the aforementioned threshold amounts, the packaging and shipping costs automatically expire.

The best thing is of course to just come by, pick out your articles and continue after drinking a cup of coffee. We realize that passing by is not always possible or that having the selected items sent to us is simply better. But we also try to deliver the best service with this.


In view of our return policy, we have not formulated a complaint policy with regard to your purchase. “You buy what you see for the price that is depicted. ” Buying at a distance means of course that you can expect from us that the information we provide fully fits the article depicted. Of course we realize that the item you bought may be different than you thought or hoped it would be. Complaining takes time and annoyance and often there is no solution that everyone is satisfied with. Precisely to prevent that, we have a return policy with which problems are prevented as much as possible. If you do not have enough of this, just ring the bell because together we will certainly find a solution.
You may return the item you purchased through up to 14 days after you have received the item. (without giving a reason, without further explanation, without difficult questions on our part) You will receive the amount you paid back into your account.
Of course, there are some conditions attached to this.

  • What you return is in the same condition as the condition in which it was delivered to you.
  • The products delivered to you will be returned in their entirety. If parts of the delivered product have been removed or replaced for other parts, the money back guarantee will lapse.
  • the packages sent by us are insured. It is therefore important that you immediately let us know if a package delivered to you has been damaged during transport. This damage must be reported immediately. If this is not done, your right to a refund may lapse. (This depends on whether I can still submit the claim to the insurance company.)
  • If a discount has been granted to you on the basis of the purchase of a larger quantity of parts, this discount will lapse if part of the lot is returned.
  • Shipping costs of return shipments are always at the expense of the buyer. If the purchase amount exceeds an amount determined per country, the buyer will not be charged packaging and shipping costs, this is the shipping free limit. If the purchase amount, due to the return shipment, falls below this shipping free limit, the shipping costs will be deducted from the amount that will be refunded to you based on the return shipment.
  • If goods have been paid for with a voucher or gift voucher, you will receive a voucher equal to the return amount.


The right of return does not apply

For purchases that have been delivered specially, to order according to the customer’s specifications, for products that have been adapted or changed according to the customer’s wishes. NA. To prevent problems about, among other things, whether or not to receive returns, we advise you to send the return shipment with Track and Trace and sufficiently insured. (We always send our packages with Track and Trace and insured.)

Complaints, major or minor annoyances

Of course we want to prevent as much as possible, but of course these can never be excluded. Where work is done, mistakes are made and we work very hard. If you have something that you are not or less satisfied with, please let us know because then we can look together at a good solution for all parties. We also find it very pleasant if you let us and others know that you are very satisfied. After all, that is one of our important objectives.

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