New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts
New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts

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Have a moped or motorcycle imported from Japan?

We will arrange that for you. Flexible, transparent and at the best price!

Importing a classic moped or motorcycle from Japan

Fourstrokebarn is the ideal partner for anyone looking for help importing a moped from Japan. Whether you are looking for a rare classic or just want something unique and eye-catching, we can help you find and import the perfect moped. And why do you have to be with us?:

1. Flexibility

We can take any moped or light motorcycle from Japan for you. So you don’t necessarily have to turn off a ‘search’ with us (of course you can). Even if you come across something beautiful yourself at, for example, Goobike or other Japanese auctions , we can bring the moped here for you.

2. Transparency

We work with standard margins on the mopeds and motorcycles that we import to measure. If the purchase price turns out to be a windfall, then that windfall is for you, not for us. And yes, we are transparent about that.

3. Speed and cost

We import several 40-foot containers with hundreds of mopeds every year and have a unique network. This has a positive impact on costs and speed. How: we won’t tell you, but feel free to put us to the test!

4. Reliability

At Fourstrokebarn we are known for our reliability and transparency. We also only work with reliable partners and we ensure that everything we do is in line with laws and regulations. Our expertise and knowledge make us the ideal partner for people who are looking for a reliable importer.

Have a classic Japanese moped or motorcycle imported?

Feel free to contact us for more information about our services and how we can help you import a moped from Japan.

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