New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts
New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts


The Four Stroke Barn has become a business in its own right, but it is still a hobby – albeit one that has got a bit out of hand – and although it has been a while since we were actually in a barn, we still quite like the name.



Which kept his first mopeds in his parents’ shed.

He had to rent a garage box after a while, then another, and another, and then one more. Things then progressed from a shed – which is where the name came from – to a large barn on a farm in Nieuwerbrug, and for three years now we have been running the business from a large unit on the Lage Weide industrial estate, where we have plenty of space for dozens of mopeds and thousands of parts.

Despite all the moves, one thing which has always stayed the same is the friendly atmosphere – something we consider to be essential! Obviously we like to turn an honest penny, but we also want our customers to come back. We love to share our passion for vintage four-stroke Honda mopeds. Specialising in these was a conscious decision, and we hardly ever stock any other brands.

The Viertaktschuur is open on Saturdays, and we’d love to see you there. As well as buying all the parts you need, you can grab a cup of coffee and tell us your latest moped story or show off your most recent acquisition. You could also make us very happy by offering us your surplus stuff, so if you have any unwanted spare parts, make sure you bring them along; we will be happy to look them over and discuss a price. And the same obviously goes for your moped itself! Drop in around lunch time and there’ll probably also be a nice filled roll waiting for you. Sharing a bite to eat is all part of our friendly service.



We call Kjell ‘the big boss’, and rightly so, because the barn is his.

Frans, his father, goes about his business dressed in a sharp suit for most of the week, but he likes to look after the website and stocks.

We sometimes think that Kjell’s brother Bjorn shouldn’t count, because we see so little of him, but it’s only fair to say that we couldn’t actually do without Bjorn, because he’s the brains behind our website and corporate style. In fact, Bjorn has also caught the Honda bug and now rides a genuine APE.

Jaimy is responsible for the workshop, and knows the number of all the parts by heart – which is actually kind of scary, but definitely handy! You’ll generally see Jaimy on his Astrea/Wave, but don’t let that fool you; this hoarder has an impressive range of Honda’s stashed away that most people don’t know about.