New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts
New & used Honda 4-stroke bikes and parts


The Fourstrokebarn (formerly De Viertaktschuur) has become a real company. The Fourstrokebarn is also still a hobby. One that has gotten a bit out of hand. We have not been in a barn for a while, but we are attached to the name.



Who collected his first mopeds in his parents’ barn.

That became a rented garage box, and 1 more, and 1 more, and 1 more. From one barn to a large barn in Nieuwerbrug; that’s where the name comes from. For 3 years we have been sitting in a large hall on the Lage Weide industrial estate. All the space for the dozens of mopeds and the thousands of parts.

It is still cozy in the new hall. Cozy is also important to us. Of course we like to earn something, but we also like to see the customers come back. We share the passion for the old four-stroke Hondas. We consciously choose that, we (almost) do not have other brands.

On Saturday when the Fourstrokebarn is open, you are always welcome. To do your shopping, to grab a cup of coffee during your last strong moped story, or to show your latest acquisition. We are also happy with your barn remnants; if there are still some crates of old parts, take them with you, we can always see if we can take over from you. Of course, this also applies to your moped itself! If you come around lunch, there is also a sandwich ready for you. Eating together is part of it.



We call Kjell the big boss. That is allowed, because it is his barn.

His father Frans walks the rest of the week in a neat suit, but likes to interfere with the website and the stocks. Brother Bjorn doesn’t really belong, we think, because we see him so little. Secretly, we can’t do without Bjorn, because it is the brains behind the website and the corporate identity! In the meantime, he has also been hit a bit by the Honda virus because he now also rides a real APE. Jaimy does the workshop. Jaimy knows every part number by heart. Pretty scary. But handy! You usually see Jaimy on his Astrea/Wave, but this hoarder secretly has a whole row of Hondas.